Guillotine [full album 2013]

by The Psyke Project

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Vinyl (12" 180g. gatefold w. cd inside) release on May 6th via Bloated Veins / Black Lake / Braincrushing / Swarm Of Nails / Molestin. Album produced by Jacob Bredahl.

"The Psyke Project is a band that are brutal as they come. Their brilliant new album - Guillotine - is a masterclass of extreme metal.
Blending Black Metal, Post-Metal, Sludge and Hardcore into something rather sinister that will leave you on edge through out the entire album.
The Psyke Project have the key to your worst fucking nightmares coming to life. They play brutal based riffs right from the start. The despair and torment never lets up as these guys are masters of the darkness lurking through us all.

First track - Guillotine - will prove what a great band The Psyke Project actually are. Blending intense riffs with nightmarish vocals to scare the living hell out of anyone.
This is music for all us dark souls out there. It's the perfect soundtrack for all doom and gloom merchants. If you want something sinister and terrifying in your life then this is it. The Psyke Project play on your worst fears and bring them to life through the power of their dark music.
And I loved every terrifying second of it.
This is some of the harshest Post-Metal/Sludge Metal riffs I have heard in some time.
The Psyke Project venture into places other bands don't even dare to goto. If Lucifer ever had a voice then it would match the eerie tones of vocalist Martin. He is a man possessed. No one can stop him. Would anyone feel brave enough to.

The Psyke Project have released an album of such breathtaking brutality that one listen is never enough. Just take a long rest before listening to this brilliant album again. As you need some time to recover of the bleak carnage held on this heavy and fucked up album.

A true masterclass of extreme metal. No question!!!

What is even better (or terrifying) is the band are giving the album away on BandCamp. So headover there now if you feel brave enough to embrace the darkness.
You can buy all physical needs such as Vinyl and CD's here.

Excellent and Highly Recommended."


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


The Psyke Project Denmark

Blackened Post Metal / Sludge Hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia.

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Track Name: Guillotine
"We all walk through a life full of pain and for every steep we lose small pieces of hope and on lies we sail from the bay of mistakes. We never see good before we die and I see how we starve. I know that we will break down and never be more than we are now. You are the man you are."
Track Name: Death Sight
"We walk through life by torturous paths where it is sometimes easy to get lost. Treacherous surfaces will do its part to delay us from reaching our destinies.
Time has passed and I thought the conversation would come nothing came, nothing said, which means for me (no more waiting) once we were more than air we were friends as very few are today. Our destiny is changed, so it is up to you and each of us to make it fit you the best way possible. Treacherous surfaces will do its part and still nothing said. Where is your god? We do what we all just want to do and we rack everything. We dominate this world maybe we should be in the sky."
Track Name: The End
"We are all judges, We are all judging and we will never grow old. We are all hating, We are all hating we will never grow old. This is how I feel. We must never not look back, we must never forget the mistakes man makes because then we will never grow and the humans will be the flaw of the universe. Apocalypse. We are all hating we are all judging we will never grow old. We are all hating we are all judging we will only die."
Track Name: Partisan
"Displeasure should be upgraded to science because we humans need domination in order to develop our selves. The concept of progress is a defence mechanism that protects us against future atrocities.When law and duty through religion become man's will, then you can never entirely live life as an individual. Displeasure should be upgraded to science because we humans need domination in order to develop our selves. And we pray for something that will never happen."
Track Name: Empire
"To have respect for the truth can be very close to the foundation of all moral. This is an idealistic and very pleasant idea if you can understand how unstable the truth may be. So make your vote count by seeing life from the eyes of others. How do you look now and how is the world treating you now. Live your life. We don’t need it we don’t want it, go away, go away now. We will never ever see life like you, like you."
Track Name: Ghost Fight
"You are a damn fool I should have taken you out when I had the chance. Now I will rip your heart from your chest and eat it while it is still beating beating. You are a coward, You are a demon, You are human, You are human. I will feast on your pathetic mind. Not my friend but my enemy not my friend. You are a coward, You are a demon, You are human, You are human Fuck you I will feast off your pathetic mind. You getting rid of me, no chance. We will not be subjugated to criminal abuse."
Track Name: Good For Nothing
"With bloodshot eyes and a body in pain I walk gently through the landscape we call life.
Time running out and I am trapped in a body of pain. So I walk gently through the landscape we call life. I see myself again and again I see myself time after time only injure my victims not killing demons as I just to do. I am performing a blood eagle only breathlessness and death. You do good for nothing."